Scenic Design

The Women of Lockerbie 2013

Southern Utah University, Main stage - Auditorium
This show was put on a 20' x 18' rake stage in a 3/4 setting in a repertory setting with another show, mostly student designed. I had to work closely with the other scenic designer and the TD in order to get this done. We had to make sure it could rep between shows in 30 minutes max, and also be true to each show. Hard to do with this outdoor show and the other was indoors. Our design team did a lot of research into the Pan Am 103 bombing and Lockerbie in order to also put together a preshow video since most of our audience did not know about or wasn't alive during the bombing. Within my restrictions of the stage I worked closely with the director knowing what ideas he had already in his mind and showed him my own, especially when placing the river, or the scar of the land after the plane crash which we went with. Also worked closely with the sound designer and we were able to put hidden speakers in rocks.

Director: Nate Marble
Adivsor: Brian Beacom
Scenic Designer: Amanda McMall
Lighting Designer: Christopher Jones
Costume Designer: Keilani Gleave
Sound Designer: Nick Pinegar

The Tempest Retold Commedia Dell'Arte 2011

Southern Utah University, Stage 2 - Black Box
This was a show that was put together fast. The original show was dropped and a student director decided he wanted to try Commedia Dell'arte. With no script to work off of our design meetings were quite interesting. We worked off of each others ideas and research images. I had to meet with the director all the time in order to know what was going on in rehearsals. I had to have a set done before they were even close to finalizing a script and blocking. I gave them many things to work with and in the end we cut most of it, but the live sound hidden in the "forest" and curtains, along with the building architecture for an extra entrance through the forest. It was a fun quick show, that was different every night.

Director: Brian Bullock
Adivsor: Michael Harvey
Scenic Designer: Amanda McMall
Lighting Designer: Rebecca Weber
Costume Designer: Keilani Gleave
Sound Designer: JJ Davis

Lighting Design for Dance

Steel Lounge 2011

The choreographer's piece had a theme about everyone being alone or small groups at first. Everyone was trying to find meaning portrayed by light and came together in the end, except two. The main girl and the guy who tries to help end up still in the "dark". When I watch this piece I almost get the feeling of an addict trying to come back from the darkness.

Breaking Bounds Dance Concert
Southern Utah University
Choreographer: Eric Waits
Costume Designer: Wendy Sanders
Lighting Designer: Amanda McMall

Breaking Bounds 2010

This piece was about how everyone just goes about their business in the world and we walk right be each other and we never know the person who sat next to us, or who stood in line by us for hours. Its about coming together, known each other, and trusting each other.

Breaking Bounds Dance Concert
Southern Utah University
Choreographer: Amy Huppi
Cosutmer Designer: Kim Karr
Lighting Designer: Amanda McMall